Q: How quickly will I get my cookies after I place my order?

A: Your cookies will be baked with love and shipped as soon as possible. Each package is two-day shipping and varies upon when order was placed and how orders need to be filled

Q: Is an assortment order available for purchase?

A: Due to cost, time and availability of certain cookies we unfortunately are unable to take orders for an assortment pack. If one is greatly desired please contact us at dectorllc@gmail.com.

Q: Are taxes included in price?

A: Yes, taxes have already been included within the price of each order.

Q: Why are apple bites not available for shipping?

A: To avoid health issues and/or taste that may be caused by the cream cheese icing being out of a cooling area for an extended period of time. We have decided to have the apple bites as a pick up order only.


If there are any questions not listed, please contact us at dectorllc@gmail.com!