About Us

DeLana Ector, founder, began baking teacakes at a young age. As she matured, they were only baked for her grandpa, Joseph "Baby Ray" Anderson. When done baking, she would take him the two biggest teacakes, set them on a plate and say "They were baked with love and made just for you."

After the passing of her grandpa in 2012, her teacake baking came to a sudden halt. Four years later during Christmas she decided to surprise her family with the much loved, teacake. The joy on her family's faces made her light up. She then pondered the idea of being able to make other people feel the same way from a simple cookie.

March 2017, Baked With Love, LLC was in full business and founded upon just that, baking with love. Each order is made from scratch, with love and just for you! We hope you enjoy and taste the love because our greatest priority is you.